Veterans Stories: Together We Stand E-Book

From its earliest roots in our nation’s history, the United States military has been the defender of democracy and a beacon of freedom, not only for our own citizens but to people around the globe. Since the Revolutionary War, it is estimated that some 42 million Americans have served in the military, with over 1 million making the ultimate sacrifice.

Retired Col. Ken Huxley

Retired Col. Ken Huxley

These men and women came together from vastly different, diverse backgrounds to respond to the common needs of their country. Indeed, the true test of a nation’s character is not just a reflection of its good and decent acts, nor in its victories on the battlefield, but rather in its citizens’ willingness to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.

Our veterans have done just that. They looked beyond those differences to focus on a common goal: to keep our nation free…to get that job done.

At Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3), we place special emphasis on the contributions our veterans and their families have made to make our nation “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

So it is to this group that this book is dedicated, to celebrate the millions who have served our country since 1775, by highlighting a few of our fellow S3 veterans who have proudly carried on that tradition of selfless service.

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